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Simple and Secure

We’ve all been there. You want to move some money around, but can’t remember your banking app’s password. Or you’re trying to buy something online, and have to toggle between apps to enter a one-time SMS code.

It’s infuriating, and you wouldn’t be alone if you’ve ended up abandoning your efforts.

The VeridiumID biometric authentication platform provides a simpler customer authentication experience. Using technologies they’re already comfortable with, and the native hardware on their own devices, you can provide an authentication process that is not only easier than that of your competitors, but significantly more secure, all whilst complying with security regulations.

Unless there’s some physical reason why they can’t, 99.9999% of people will use biometrics because it’s easier, faster and they know it’s secure.

Former Met Police CIO Richard Thwaite, Veridium’s Align Interview series

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Reduce Fraud

Simplify your customer authentication experience

Stolen credentials and phishing attacks were behind sixty-one percent of data breaches in 2019, according to the Verizon Data Breach Incident Report. And because people have a habit of using the same passwords multiple times you don’t even need to suffer the breach yourself. All it takes is one case of password reuse somewhere else and malicious actors have the credentials to access your data.

High Risk Transactions

Certain transactions require that little bit of extra security, using behavorial, 4F,  vFACE or a third party biometric our platform ensures that you remove passwords from all steps of the authentication process.  Take a look at our quick look video showing the user experience for a low and higher cost banking transaction.

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Biometric Options for Authentication

Which works best for your business and your customers?

Utilise biometrics not passwords of real biometric authentication
  • 4 Fingers TouchlessID uses a phone’s rear camera to capture four fingerprints at once.
  • It removes the need for a dedicated scanner and improving upon a single print.
Utilise biometrics not passwords. Say goodbye to passwords forever
  • vFACE uses any smartphone’s front-facing camera to provide facial recognition authentication for users.
  • It can also look for ‘liveness’ to avoid spoofing.
  • InMotion analyzes users’ physical interactions with their phones.
  • It identifies anomalies and stops anyone from pretending to be someone they’re not.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Password resets aren’t just annoying for customers. They can also drive people to competitors, impacting the bottom line. Give your customers a reason to not abandon their shopping cart or switch banks with our simple customer authentication experience.

Read the associated blog here to see how offering hand recognition reduced complaints of failed authentication attempts by up to 90% for this pioneering online bank.

Veridium is a fast, reliable and economic solution that’s easy to integrate and use.