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Veridium’s InMotion behavioral biometric authentication adds another layer of security to the authentication process.

How it works

behavioral biometric authentication

Using a smartphone’s sensors, InMotion creates a profile of each user’s typical behavioral patterns. Looking at a number of characteristics, such as how the phone is handled a profile is established against which future interactions can be compared.

With the baseline in place, our AI system combines behavioral biometrics, liveness, geolocation and additional anti-spoofing technology to identify anomalous behaviors and trigger a customizable alert.

Learn more: download the datasheet.

Benefits of InMotion

Enhanced User Experience

Passive analytics offers additional security without additional effort.

Increased Security

Additional layer of identification protects against biometric spoofing.

Regulatory Compliance

Features such as geolocation monitoring ensure you can manage access to data across borders.

Stronger Security

InMotion’s behavioral analytics ensure users are who they say they are. Even if an attacker has a person’s smartphone, copying someone’s exact behavior is nearly impossible.

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Integrating biometrics as part of a multi factor approach is hugely valuable in the fight against rising levels of fraud.

Chief Executive, Ali Nikna

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