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Biometrics Are Going Mainstream

Veridium Author | April 8, 2016

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Biometrics are Becoming Mainstream in Banking | Biometric Update

More banks are embracing biometrics to authenticate mobile customers. This trend is being driven by the growing stability of biometric solutions for mobile devices. A survey from Mobey Forum found that the “historic” concerns regarding biometrics, such as accuracy and price, are less pressing than they once were for the banks looking to deploy. The report notes that, beyond security, biometrics provides added value to banks in e-contracts, insurance, and “know-your-customer” areas. [Read More]

Companies Aren’t Just Pushing ‘Pay With a Selfie’ for Customer Convenience | Inverse

While the “pay with a selfie” movement that has begun gaining momentum seems like an amazingly convenient way for consumers to pay for their purchases in store and online, Google, Amazon, MasterCard, and the other companies rolling out this facial recognition technology have other motives as well. For many of these companies, rolling out biometrics allows them to amplify security for secondary verification checks and enhance the way they secure their customers’ privacy. [Read More]

New Study Finds Americans Embracing Biometrics at a Faster Pace | FedScoop

A recent survey by the Consumer Technology Association found that 90 percent of consumers are familiar with biometrics and 43 percent have used it already in the personal or professional lives. Furthermore, 60 percent of people said they supposed biometrics for airport security, and 58 percent said they support its use in government offices and border control. The rising comfort that consumers feel with biometrics security solutions could be tied to the development of better, more streamlined biometric technology in consumer-facing industries. [Read More]

Online Dating Latest Industry to Adopt Facial Recognition | PSFK

Heystax, a new “gamified dating app,” is developing a solution for online dating that leverages biometrics to find your “perfect match.” Unlike alternatives, Heystax’s idea is to set up 30 second video calls between potential matches, then use facial recognition software to analyze their expressions during the call to anticipate how the pairing feel about each other, what the developers call “emotional compatibility.” [Read More]

Facial Recognition for the Visually Impaired Gets New Focus | Planet Biometrics

Researchers are analyzing results from new facial recognition tools that would help the visually impaired adopt the new pay with a selfie trend and other uses of biometrics that are on the rise. More than 15 percent of the world’s population is blind or partially blind, which would leave behind a significant number of people as more companies roll out mobile biometrics. However, this multi-university team is working to develop audio and/or tactile feedback for camera positioning, which would help those with poor vision take selfies. [Read More]

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