Could temp staff be the key to a permanent post-Corona recovery?

As the world still wrestles with its Coronavirus response, most companies are facing unprecedented challenges.  Many have had to close their doors, others continue to operate but with a workforce now working from home, and others are even experiencing a sharp upturn driven by the dramatic changes the pandemic has prompted.

Time to turn to temps?

Although the global story is currently one of millions of job losses, there is also an explosion in demand for certain skills and labour that is seeing employers turn to temporary staff to plug the gap.  Supermarkets have a surge in shopping driven by the sudden increase in people eating at home and are hiring staff to keep the shelves stacked and make home deliveries.  IT skills are in demand to service the challenges involved in remote working. Healthcare providers, food producers, soap manufacturers, home entertainment and delivery services are all experiencing busy periods.

And of course, for those companies forced to downsize, when the time does come to reopen their doors and staff up again, many may need to use the temp market to recruit quickly.

A need for speed

Whether facing a surge in demand, an urgent shortage of key skills, or planning for the recovery, speed is of the essence.  This is where the temp comes into their own. Whereas the recruitment of permanent staff can be a slow and arduous process, quite often a call to a temp agency can result in a new worker being in place within 24 hours.

Preparation, prudence and having a plan

Planning plays a vital role in ensuring all new employees, temporary or permanent, settle in quickly.  In advance of their arrival, set them up by procuring any necessary devices such as workstations, laptops and mobiles, granting access to network drives and creating IDs and logins.  Goode Intelligence predict that digital identity checks could rise 20 percent this year, accelerated by the Coronavirus outbreak.

Most companies have robust policies and processes in place for their permanent hires, but sometimes standards can slip when it comes to hiring temp staff, especially during exceptionally busy periods.  Often a temp worker will arrive via an agency, which has recruited them and is their employer. So, the first step is to ensure that the agency is reputable and has proper screening processes in place for their temps’ ID, background checks and references.  Being REC-registered (Recruitment & Employment Confederation) is a good starting point, but thorough scrutiny of their processes is an absolute necessity.

Once in the door, or working remotely, new recruits should be made aware of all security policies and processes as part of their onboarding.  Employers should maintain total physical control over company equipment and avoid letting temp staff use their own devices to access corporate networks, with particular attention paid to money and payment protocols.

Make passwords for temps one less thing to worry about

Biometric employee authentication can make it easy for temporary workers to authenticate without the need for passwords, whilst giving employers total control over access to sensitive data and assets.

To find out more about how Veridium ID can support you with passwordless technology and secure your business for the future, please contact us at [email protected].

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