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Google Cloud

Google Cloud is widely recognized as a global leader in delivering a secure, open, intelligent, and transformative enterprise cloud platform. Our technology is built on Google’s private network and is the product of nearly 20 years of innovation in security, network architecture, collaboration, artificial intelligence, and open source software. We offer a simply engineered set of tools and unparalleled technology across Google Cloud Platform and G Suite that help bring people, insights, and ideas together. Customers across more than 150 countries trust Google Cloud to modernize their computing environment for today’s digital world.

Employee Authentication

How can I facilitate remote working without relaxing security? 

Our priority is to take care of people who work in our offices—including employees, vendors and temporary staff—and the communities they work in. So we’ve been taking action to reduce the need for people to come into our offices, particularly in locations where local COVID-19 conditions merit increased precaution. Read the full article here to see how we’re reducing the need for people to come into our offices while ensuring that our products continue to operate under these unique circumstances.

Customer Authentication

How do I ensure business continuity?

G Suite app helps businesses and educators collaborate no matter where they’re located. And, as more businesses adjust their work-from-home policies and adopt reduced travel plans in response to COVID-19, we’re helping to ensure that all globally distributed teams can still reliably meet face to face, even if employees are not in the same location.

We have begun rolling out free access to our advanced Hangouts Meet video-conferencing capabilities to all G Suite and G Suite for Education customers globally including:

  • Larger meetings, 250 participants per call
  • Live streaming for up to 100,000 viewers within a domain
  • The ability to record meetings and save them to Google Drive

Read the full article here.

How to keep your teams best connected when working remotely?

With many businesses considering how best to keep teams connected when not everyone can be in the same location, we’ve been asked by a number of our customers for recommendations for staying productive and on task. Here are some best practices for fostering collaboration when your teams find themselves working remotely.

For more information, watch these videos with tips on working from home, check out the latest updates in our Learning Center article on tips for working remotely, and read this user guide to working remotely with Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.



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COVID-19 Response

As COVID-19 continues to spread, we’re taking action to help people around the world find information and stay connected. For more resources, see

Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help
Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help
Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help