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IGEL - Secure Endpoint OS

IGEL provides a secure endpoint Operating system. IGEL OS allows employees to access Office 365, web-based applications and hosted desktops remotely. IGEL OS offers a “read only” workspace with a secure web browser, support for VDI, DaaS (e.g. WVD) and VPN connections, and can be installed locally on existing hardware (PC, laptop or thin client) or delivered as a live USB stick. The live USB stick, IGEL OS on a USB key (IGEL UD Pocket), provides the ability for employees to “dual boot” their devices at home, leaving the installed operating system intact. To configure, secure and manage 10s of thousands of IGEL endpoints, IGEL provides a powerful management platform called the Universal Management Suite (UMS). In addition, the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) allows any internet connected IGEL endpoint to be remotely managed without the need for a VPN.

Employee Authentication

How can I facilitate remote working without relaxing security?

Office 365 and SaaS-based applications can be accessed via a web browser which usually helps reduce concerns around endpoint security as the underlying OS is less important. However, for some organizations, an out of date, unmanaged OS is still regarded as a security issue. IGEL OS can convert any existing device into a secure operating system that can be used to access both SaaS and hosted Windows desktops. IGEL OS can also be booted from a Live USB key allowing users to utilize their own devices to run a secure working environment.

How do I enable employees to work from home, without any solutions already in place?

  • Enable office 365 and any colloboration tools like teams or Zoom.
  • Secure the endpoint and the connection with UEM solution and or VPN.
  • If the endpoint is unsecure or unknown, then consider deploying an OS like IGEL.
  • Deploy Virtual desktops or Desktop as a Service to allow remote access to corporate applications and data.

How do I ensure business continuity with an IT helpdesk?

  • Utilizing VDI or DaaS allows remote shadowing.
  • Utilizing Teams or Zoom allows for remote support.
  • Utilizing IGEL allows for endpoint shadowing.

How do I onboard temporary support staff?

Send them an IGEL USB key with the IGEL OS. They can dual boot the machine into a secure OS which can be easily managed. Using the IGEL OS, a user can securely access Office 365, SaaS apps and VDI/DaaS.

How easy is this to deploy?

Send them out a USB key, it can connect back into the management platform, even over the web, and then be remotely configured and managed.

How quickly can I deploy?

Deploying the supporting platform can take a day or so. Sending out the IGEL OS on USB (UD Pocket) is down to the delivery driver/post man.

Contact Details

For more information, please contact Simon Townsend at or visit

COVID-19 Response

  • Access immediately to UD Pocket (IGEL OS on a USB stick)
  • Dual boot almost any x86 device and into a secure workspace
  • Access immediately to the IGEL OS – Replace the existing OS on any x86 device with IGEL OS to deliver a secure workspace
  • Access to the Universal Management Suite (UMS) for configuration and management of IGEL OS endpoints including the UD Pocket and IGEL OS converted endpoints.
  • Fully functional, unlimited evaluation use of the IGEL Cloud Gateway (ICG) on request.
  • Regular, regional and daily, “Getting started webinars”
  • Portable Licensing enabling the license to be re used on other devices in the future
  • Quick Start services package for customers requiring assistance – can be done remotely
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