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We are a leader in multi-factor authentication.  Our platform supports token roll-outs as well as offering token free passwordless authentication for employees or customers.  Plus, patented biometrics mean you are verifying identity – remotely and touch-free.

Employee Authentication

How can I facilitate remote working without relaxing security?

By now your employees will be working from home and you will have equipped them with VPN access.  But you might have needed to do so by relaxing security, or spending a fortune on tokens. This is the balance between quick, easy convenience or ensuring high security standards.  

The challenge here is where remote access is requested, either via a non trusted device or a corporate laptop. Without control of the device, or the ability to distribute software to a non-managed device – if users are using a family PC to connect into work, the only tracking an organisation can do is track your user account. Is it definitely the correct user on a family PC, which could have been left logged in when the kids return from school ?

Our suggestion is to use biometrics to prove a digital ID  (we have a few to choose from, depending on your or your employees’ preferences or tech access (our fingerprint technology doesn’t require a phone to have biometric capabilities, for example). This also ensures that you meet regulations too.

How do I enable employees to work from home, without any solutions already in place?

The problem a lot of our prospects and customers faced is how scalable their existing VPNs were ‘how can we now support 12,000 users, whereas normally it only needed to support a couple of hundred’.   An increase from 20% to 80% average daily VPN access usage needed, for example.  Do we need more servers, licences, network, or all of the above?  

Most enterprises now have their employees working remotely – but as we know, having VPN access means you have a public-facing VPN server, to bridge between your home network and your corporate LAN.  The issue is – anyone can hit that VPN server – there’s typically a credential challenge of some description.  Therefore strong authentication is needed, and it is typically an RSA/Symantec token. 

Veridium has our capability to remove passwords from your environment – meaning you can remove tokens too, if you wish  (there is a large cost to buy additional ones of these).  But, we can also support these tokens, using our platform only (that is, no biometrics in this instance.) to remove passwords from the process.

How do I onboard temporary support staff?

We predict that temporary staff will be essential in the coming months – both to cover a depleted workforce, or to ramp up post corona.    Using biometrics as a method of verifying identity ensures you can remotely onboard staff easily and control data access from a remote location.  Our solution is seamless in that we allow user authentication to be performed with an enrolled mobile device. Since all our line of business applications are SaaS-delivered, leveraging Google for Federated Identity, we can onboard new or temporary users instantly with no other requirement than a mobile device. Equally, accounts can be deactivated instantly once an individual exits the organisation.

We have written a blog about the benefits of temp staff in a post corona recovery, which may be of interest to you.

How easy is this to deploy? How quickly can I deploy?

Our platform is pretty easy to deploy to users! A simple download of a mobile application from AppStore or PlayStore, then a scan  of a  QR code provided by the IT department allows a user to begin to securely access  apps in just a couple of taps on their mobile phone screen.

For the business – you can roll out an environment quickly using the cloud, we have the ability to roll it out within days or hours. (There is a video coming soon to showcase this).  Our solution – single or multi node – is available on AWS Marketplace, and we have access to free credits to help you do this.  Drop us a line if you have any questions here, our SE team will happily have a no strings attached conversation with you.

What will the user experience be like for employees at home? 

The employee will need to download our app (or you can embed our SDK into your own app if you wish).  The rest of it depends on the rollout you pick. TOPT, OTP, SMS are all methods that are known to many users from their banking.  But if you go passwordless, the user experience should be better than they are used to. In short: open app; scan QR code with phone, biometric authentication. Done.  That can be a passive biometric using behavioural, or taking a selfie, or scanning fingerprint with your phone. Honestly, it is a great UX, which is one less thing to worry about.

Customer Authentication

How do I ensure ID verification remotely, without compromising security?

We have a number of customers, especially, who leverage government databases such as PSP to remotely onboard customers.  Cuy Movil in Peru is an example (we have a case study you can read here). Download an app, scan a QR code, scan your fingers with your camera, and you get a verified digital identity.  

How do I validate a digital identity with social distancing and hygiene factors in place?

We are going to toot our own horn a bit here – our technology means the only thing you need to have contact with is your own mobile phone – no need to touch any fingerprint readers, or to leave your house.  It never occurred to me it would be used in this situation though.

If you would like to learn more –  Peruvian National Police has used our technology to verify identity for security purposes, which will give you an idea as to how it could work for you.

How do I ensure business continuity for banking transactions, both commercially and for retail?

There are a number of solutions out there, just some are on this page. Veridium can also support. Our multi modal platform ensures you can add in additional authentication factors for higher risk transactions. This 30-second video gives a quick look at how this works. All using remote, touchless technology.

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For more information, please contact or call +44 1753 208780.

COVID-19 Response

To help get things up and running as fast as possible, we’re offering 3 months’ free trial of our platform and biometrics – get in touch for more details.

Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help
Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help
Covid 19: What the tech industry is doing to help