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Don’t Get Spooked: Cybersecurity Doesn’t Have to be So Hard

Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be scary – it’s more accessible now than ever. Even all the goblins, ghouls, and ghosts out this Halloween night will be able to keep their identities and data secure.

Skeletons need not fret. No flesh, no problem with some of today’s advanced biometric authentication capabilities. Just because you can’t use a palm scanner (or another hardware device) to capture your biometrics and authenticate doesn’t mean you can’t have better security. By embedding behavioral biometrics into a mobile authentication solution, anyone with or without skin will have a safe way to prove they are who they say they are.

Mummies might be especially wary of new authentication methods – especially with the rise of facial recognition. Unwrapping their face every time they have to authenticate into a phone would be such a pain! With Veridium’s 4 Fingers TouchlessID, it wouldn’t be a problem. The solution works in any lighting and environment, so if you needed to check your bank account balance while chasing Brendan Fraiser from ancient tombs, authenticating would be a breeze.

Even if you’ve misplaced some of your fingers, 4 Fingers would still work. Frankenstein’s Monster can’t be bothered to make sure he has all his fingers on both hands at all times, which is why 4 Fingers TouchlessID can be customized to work with any fingers you currently have available.

What about vampires, you might wonder. Well, these Creatures of the Night are also covered. They wouldn’t show up on FaceID because of their mirror aversion but would be able to easily use voice, touch, 4 Fingers, or behavioral biometrics in order to secure their online identity and data. So vampires – feel free to continue perusing online blood banks with the satisfaction that you have the best security there is.

Happy Halloween, and remember to send off National Cybersecurity Awareness month properly by exploring the possibilities of biometric authentication for all your security needs.

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