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Five Point Friday: Global Biometrics Adoption

Veridium Author | January 29, 2016

The evolution of the biometrics, authentication, and identity assurance industries is critical as we focus more on security as a society. To this end, it is important to take note of the innovations and improvements being made across the biometrics industry. Every Friday, Hoyos Labs takes a look at the week and shares some of the news stories we found important and interesting.

60 percent growth of biometrics market through 2020 | Android Headlines

Researchers from the Korea Information Security Industry Association have reported that the massive adoption of fingerprint, iris and related biometrics sensors  will push 60 percent year-over-year growth for the industry. The global biometrics market reached $156 billion in 2014, and this predicted pace could push it well past $350 billion by 2018, with more than 4.8 billion devices with integrated biometrics sensors on the market by 2020. [Read More]

JFK Airport to implement facial recognition at customs | Infosecurity

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol has implemented a strategy that will bring facial recognition technology to JFK International Airport in New York City. The technology will be paired with electronic passports to improve the speed with which travelers can move through customs while improving security at the same time. [Read More]

FBI launches Biometrics Technology Center | FCW

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s Criminal Justice Information Services Division has completed work on its new 360,000-square-foot biometrics technology facility. The CJIS center will be focused on utilizing biometric information like fingerprints, irises, palm prints, body scars DNA and voice patterns to assist in local, state, and federal criminal investigations. According to FCW, the center will also be used for research into advanced uses for biometrics technology. [Read More]

Citibank cybersecurity head urges “abolishment” of PINs and OTPs | ZDNet

Tony Chew, global head of cybersecurity regulatory strategy for Citibank, has urged a migration away from PINs and One-Time-Passwords, toward biometrics. Chew states that banking apps today “lacked imagination and creativity,” and need to undergo massive changes to protect consumers from fraud and theft. Chew encourages biometrics adoption as a much more security way to log into banking applications. [Read More]

Future Android devices may have built-in facial recognition | The Next Web

Google’s partnership with machine vision technology firm Movidius may push facial recognition into consumer hands sooner than expected. The two are working to push Movidius’ MA2450 chips inside Android devices to improve automated recognition of faces, street signs, and other real-world objects without requiring the user to take a photo. The technology would help improve mobile experiences for visually impaired users, but also augment biometrics uses for Android devices. [Read More]

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