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More Efficient ID Verification Process

Identity Verification has been a long-standing challenge security forces, definitively proving an individual’s identity has often required security officers to take an individual back to a centre, where their biometric data can be taken a validated against security identity databases.

Taking individuals back to centres for identity checks is a time consuming and expensive process for law enforcement organisations and potentially takes front line officers away from their primary duties while this process is completed.

Alternatively, expensive and cumbersome hardware is required to be carried around by security officers so that biometric data can be captured in the field, such as fingerprint and then transmitted for verification.


Reduce Costs and Handling Times

Veridium 4 FingersTouchlessID technology, provides law enforcement organisations with a unique, cost effective and reliable mobile solution to capture user fingerprint biometric data using mobile phone technology. Users can now be reliably and remotely identified through a mobile application by capturing fingerprint data and matching against security databases, providing instant feedback to officers of the individuals identity.

4 FingersTouchlessID technology is a direct replacement for legacy fingerprint hardware scanners and provides many benefits law enforcement and Government organisation looking to enabled remote Identity Verification capabilities to front line officers.

WFH is Easier with 4F

Veridium deliver a software product available for both Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones, officers can now remotely capture user fingerprint biometrics, without the need to travel back to a central location and use hardware devices. Reducing operational costs and enabling officers to remain on the front line. Additionally, since Veridium technology is touchless, it provides a safer solution than using touch devices particularly during a global pandemic.

Veridium 4 FingersTouchlessID has been independently validated for biometric performance, achieving DEA EPCS accreditation as well as being validated for interoperability and compatibility with fingerprint data captured on a hardware device.

How Veridium Brings Biometric Authentication to Smartphones with no Biometric Capability

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