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IDaaS is the Next Big Thing

Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), might just be the next big thing in identity protection. One of the biggest challenges people have is integrating and accessing useful two-factor (2FA) and multi factor authentication (MFA) schemes. There are a wide variety of companies and products designed to help you protect your online identity, but integrating them into your existing platform or lifestyle remains a challenge.

Whether you’re using hard or soft tokens, or even biometrics, these solutions require a combination of software processes integrated into a back-end authentication server and some form of device for performing the end user’s side of authentication, like a key fob or smartphone.

Simplifying Identity

Historically, none of the available products on the market are easy to just plug in and use. Each has some kind of integration process that requires more than basic technical knowledge. But the times are changing. Today there are API’s that allow a centralized identity management platform to provide anyone with a variety of 2FA and MFA devices to quickly authenticate users. This trend is heralding in the beginning of Identity-as-a-Service platforms.

However, these solutions will need to be incredibly easy to setup as well. They need to integrate with existing Active Directory directories. They need to support varying login strategies, like Citrix, VPN authentication, and more.They need to be customizable, so users can use whatever type of authentication method they want, such as Touch ID, or 4 Fingers. They also need to be setup to enable physical access control systems, not just digital ones and pair these with Active Directory to authenticate, or SAML and other single sign-on systems.

New IDaaS platforms will facilitate greater access to identity protection, and enhance the security of all forms of authentication across an organization, and even private consumer systems.These benefits will greatly reduce cost and management related issues for large enterprises while simplifying day-to-day authentication needs for end users.

Lastly, these new platforms will ease the integration of biometrics as a whole into mainstream usage by making the integration problems disappear, allowing any company to deploy any kind of MFA they want, with centralized, secure management as the backbone of identity and access management.

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