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Let’s Kill Passwords in 2017

Many are discussing the need to move beyond passwords, but the recommendations on how to do so vary far and wide. From two-factor authentication to biometrics, security experts all have their own opinions on what the best way to kill passwords will be. But the truth is we need a solution that provides a mix of everything, and does so while optimizing privacy and convenience.

Veridium’s CEO James Stickland recently discussed the problem with passwords with Taylor Armerding of CSO: “Passwords are painful. We forget them, they are stolen, it’s time-consuming to reset them. At some point, new technology will win.”

Passwords themselves aren’t flawed, but they represent a flawed system. The use of passwords to protect access hands security to the user, who then determines how secure, or insecure, their access is, in order to achieve a mirrored level of convenience. The easier to hack a password is, the more convenient it is to remember and type, and vise verse.

In order to move beyond passwords, we need a solution that’s better. One that brings security and convenience together. This is why Veridium is focused on multi factor authentication that combines the power of the one device we all carry with us at all times – our smartphones – with biometrics. Biometric-based mobile-centric multi factor authentication brings the combination of security and convenience that ensures user adoption and optimizes security in financial services, healthcare, and the enterprise.

We also understand that seeing is believing, however. That’s why our executive team will be showcasing our solutions at RSA® Conference 2017, Marriott Early Stage Expo Booth #ESE – 35 in San Francisco, and Mobile World Congress, Hall 2 Stand 2B33MR in Barcelona this February.

Come, see VeridiumID, VeridiumAD, and 4 Fingers TouchlessID in action, and discuss how you can eliminate passwords and protect your customers, employees, and data for only pennies a day.

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