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Case Study Dubai Islamic Bank

Dubai Islamic Bank use Veridium 4 Fingers Export to perform Identity Verification of customers

Blog Veridium The True Password-less Enterprise

John Spencer writes on his personal challenges with passwords and evolution to password-less

Case Study Silkbank – Customer Identity Verification

Silkbank uses Veridium 4 Fingers TouchlessID Export to validate customer identity against national fingerprint database.

Blog Align Interview: Investor Mike Powell on the journey from startup idea to product companies buy

Mike Powell, looks for companies that “have a tailwind behind them, a tipping point where things are changing in the favour of the technology or the company.”

Blog Future-proofing your organisation Part 2: Customer Authentication

Together, with some of the tech industry’s leading vendors, we aim to answer some of your biggest questions around customer authentication in a virtual environment.

Blog Align Interview: David Gelber on why telling the board about a company’s past performance is like archaeology

"The board meetings should really not be concerned with detail. They should be concerned with the strategy of the company, in particular when things are going wrong".

Blog Future-proofing your organisation with a secure remote workforce

Establishing an efficient and secure remote workforce is possible with the right tools at your disposal. What’s more, it can be an easy and seamless process for both the organisation and its employees. Find out more here.

Blog World Password Day – 27 or None?

Why organisations need to consider going passwordless this World Password Day.