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Blog Could temp staff be the key to a permanent post-Corona recovery?

Although the global story is currently one of millions of job losses, there is also an explosion in demand for certain skills and labour that is seeing employers turn to temporary staff to plug the gap.

Blog Key Findings from the DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020

Here are the key findings from the DCMS Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2020.

Blog New York SHIELD Regulation: A New Era for Data Privacy and Security

Over the weekend in New York, the Stop Hacks and Improve Electronic Data Security (SHIELD) Act came into effect.

Blog Hackers love the Coronavirus – what can you do about it?

The old security worries haven’t simply disappeared whilst we focus on protecting our revenues, work streams and employees. Step forward the hacker!

Blog When working from home goes viral – are you set up securely?

Modern technology has meant it is now possible, even easy, to let employees work remotely. Plus a software driven biometric approach provides better security, lower cost and better user experience.

news The Telegraph: Veridium brings Facial Recognition to all phones

Find out how implementing biometric authentication technology such as vFace will increase security, without the associated costs from substantial password administration and data breaches.

news Using Biometrics to Combat Outdated Security

Our CEO, James Stickland, sits down with Investing News Network to discuss the catalysts that could lead to the death of the password as well as other trends that will shift the focus onto biometric cybersecurity.

Blog How passwordless authentication boosts UX

Read about how businesses are starting to rethink the user experience around how their employees authenticate.