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Replacing Passwords in Active Directory for Advanced Security

Nearly 90 percent of businesses use Active Directory to manage employees and control login credentials to company-owned computers. However, this widely-adopted technology is also fundamentally flawed, thanks to the use of usernames and passwords. That’s why these firms also dedicate a significant portion of their IT resources to managing password-related issues.

Whether it’s an actual security breach or simply resetting a forgotten password, enterprises spend nearly $18,000 every year for each 1,000 end users on this task alone. This expense, not to mention the known security risk that weak and compromised passwords represent, is reason enough to replace passwords, or augment them with a less costly solution.

Our newest product, VeridiumAD, brings an enterprise-ready password replacement solution to businesses large and small. Any firm that uses Active Directory can benefit from replacing passwords or two-factor authentication tokens with biometric authentication. The trick is in deployment, and I joined Veridium to help craft a product that meets the diverse needs of businesses in every industry.

VeridiumAD allows businesses to integrate multi factor biometric authentication into their Active Directory deployments for a fraction of the cost of hardware or software tokens. This technology improves overall security, but it also reduces calls to the help desk by replacing passwords with biometrics. By deploying passwordless authentication, companies using AD will be able to eliminate 180 help desk calls per end user each year on average. Those cost savings will be immense for any organization, delivering actionable ROI very quickly. And this technology can be applied to traditional Windows desktop environments, virtual machines, or remote access scenarios through a VPN. In fact, Network World named VeridiumAD one of its Hot Products at RSA 2017.

You can read more about it in our press release.

Simplify your user experience by no longer requiring employees to remember passwords and use biometric authentication as a solution for secure entry into your enterprise network or environment.

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