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Everything you need to know about getting remote authentication, and your at-home workforce, secured and running.

Almost every business in the country is going to feel the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many with a unique challenge: how to keep as many of your business-critical functions running as possible, now and in the future.

What makes this situation so difficult are the timeframes. Whereas typical changes of this scale are planned, researched, deployed and tested over months and even years, the UK now has just weeks to overcome some very real problems. And with remote working law changes being discussed, these changes may need to become permanent.

This content has been created in collaboration with many of the industry’s leading remote-working vendors.

Together, we’re answering those questions that our customers are asking us. We hope it helps with emergency planning, and to provide you with a clear overview of what is on offer at this time so you can make sure you’re calling the right vendors, first time, with a clear understanding of exactly what you’re looking for.  Looking for an answer that is not here? Get in touch and we will answer it as best we can for you.

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