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As the issues of privacy and safety online rise up the public and corporate agenda, our Digital Identity 2021 report, published in The Times, takes a look at the latest thinking on the topic.

The report explores the role of vaccine passports in unlocking the world from coronavirus, how to spot a deepfake and where the industry is going next. The featured infographic, meanwhile, takes a deeper dive into the state of the biometrics industry and take-up of the technologies.

“Our digital society can’t rely on passwords anymore. It’s about security, it’s about fraud, it’s about trust, ultimately it’s about reputation.
Think of employees who deal every day with phishing and credential reuse attacks, and consumers who deal with accounts taken over and their passwords reused on their digital channels. This needs to end. It really is a no-brainer,”

Ismet Geri Profile Picture - Veridium CEO
Ismet Geri
Chief Executive Officer, Veridium
“These technological improvements provide benefits outside of behavioral analytics. For example, the localisation of users during authentication facilitates regulatory compliance even in virtualised and distributed environments. When embedded within a complex solution architecture, this capability can be part of a solution that’s perceived as minimally invasive by both users and implementation partners.”

Christian Stork
Head of Strategic Data Projects, SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange)

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Read the Rise of Biometrics

As people and businesses begin to understand the limitations of passwords, they are increasingly
turning to biometrics to log in to services and authenticate users.

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Future of Digital Onboarding

“Fraud only occurs in 1 to 2% of all cases of digital onboarding.
If you’ve checked a million forms of ID documents rather than a thousand, you are in a better place to know your customer and what is real or fake. Striking the right balance between accuracy, speed and the user experience is also important. Enterprises can lose customers if the onboarding process takes too long, is not seamless or involves too much effort.”

Veridium are proudly collaborating with the best in the industry like Jumio for fast and reliable onboarding solutions.

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