Are Biometrics Integral to Daily Life?

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Are Biometrics the Key to a Better Life? | NextGov

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) recently awarded the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Identity a contract to explore the role biometrics plays in daily life, and how this technology is improving our lives. The team’s work will focus on security improvements, and the advantages biometric authentication brings to small businesses. The DHS believes that biometrics may be the key to improving daily life for a “wide range of citizens.” [Read More]

Are Banks Adopting Biometrics Fast Enough? | Financial Express

Biometrics can help banks make key improvements to security, but not all solutions are created equal. Banks need to carefully consider what systems they are investing in, how they secure customer data, and how secure those system themselves are. Indian banks are already leaping on the bandwagon to adopt biometrics, supported by the Aadhaar database and the country’s widespread focus on biometric security of late. [Read More]

Hackers Targeting Privileged Accounts For Better Access to Sensitive Data | Infosecurity Magazine

The best way to a company’s data is through its privileged accounts. A recent survey of hackers and security experts found that 32 percent believe that targeting privileged accounts is the easiest and fastest way to access critical data in any system. Furthermore, 85 percent blamed human error for security breaches, rather than weak system or poor security technologies. [Read More]

Technical Experts Aren’t the Only Key Roles in Cybersecurity | MeriTalk

While security analysts are the most discussed roles in cybersecurity, it’s important to note that policy and legal roles are of equal importance. Companies that only hire technical experts will only be hindering their efforts to improve security if they don’t have a diverse team handling their risk assessment and data breach recovery strategies. [Read More]

Experts Agree Fourth Amendment Should Protect Digital Data | ArsTechnica

Law professors and tech companies came together recently to support stronger legal protections for data under the Fourth Amendment. The group included tech giants Apple, Google, and Microsoft, and focuses on clarifying laws about digital content in light of the recent Carpenter v. United States case being presented to the Supreme Court. One brief filed by the group states “The use of this information without adequate court supervision has the potential to profoundly unsettle legitimate expectations of privacy.” [Read More]

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