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Biometric Storage Critical for Security

Veridium Author | September 23, 2016

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Several Startups Leveraging Aadhaar Biometric System | Biometric Update

At least nine startups are already leveraging India’s massive Aadhaar biometric authentication system for a variety of uses. One, OnGrid, is using the database for performing background checks, while another, OctoPOS, is using the system for an Android-based POS mobile device. The number of startups leveraging the system is a positive indicator of the direction the biometric market is taking as a whole, demonstrating the potential for wide-scale accessibility. [Read More]

Microsoft Patents New Mobile Fingerprint Sensor | TechRadar

Microsoft recently revealed a patent for a type of under-screen mobile fingerprint sensor, launching the rumor that the next Surface phone may include such a scanner to enable fingerprint recognition through the device’s screen, rather than in a Home button or dedicated sensor somewhere else on the phone. This technology would help improve waterproofing for smartphones, among other benefits. [Read More]

Visa Report Finds Fingerprint Most Popular Biometric | Tom’s Hardware

A recent study by Visa confirms that fingerprint recognition is the most preferred biometric among consumers, with 53 percent saying they’d rather use their fingerprint for biometric authentication than other options. This news comes as no surprise, as fingerprint has gained rapid popularity thanks to its proliferation of mobile devices thanks to Touch ID and Samsung’s Fingerprint Reader. However, as other technologies gain ground in the mobile space, the popularity of fingerprinting may begin to wane in favor of more secure biometrics, like iris. [Read More]

Fingerprint Storage Flaw Allows Hundreds to Become US Citizens | The New York Times

Due to a flaw in how fingerprint records were stored, nearly 900 individuals previously deported or denied access to the United States were granted citizenship, the Department of Homeland Security recently revealed. About 150,000 fingerprint records were never digitized or included in the Department’s databases, which prevented them from being properly accessed during background checks, the DHS’s Office of Inspector General stated. This problem highlights a real need for highly secure digital capture and storage of fingerprint data. [Read More]

Kaspersky Lab Testing Biometric ATM Vulnerabilities | Planet Biometrics

Cybersecurity giant Kaspersky Lab reported that it has begun testing biometric ATM authentication technology for security flaws that could be exploited by hackers. ATMs are a major target for hackers and thieves, and while biometrics offers an excellent way to prevent fraudulent withdrawals, it is also critical that customers’ biometric data is also properly secured. Hackers have a long history of using “skimmers” to steal consumers’ data at an ATM, and advanced technology could also allow them to capture a user’s biometric data as well unless the right system is used to protect them. [Read More]

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