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Data Breaches Rise as Key Cybersecurity Events Approach

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

InterContinental Hotels Confirms Large Data Breach | Data Breach Today

The InterContinental Hotels Group recently reported that point-of-sale devices at dozens of its location’s restaurants and bars throughout North America and the Caribbean were infected with malware. The firm had announced an investigation into suspected card data theft in December of 2016 but confirmed the breach on February 3. Popular locations such as the Sky Lounge in Toronto and the Copper Lunge in Los Angeles were affected. Customer payment data was compromised for about four months. [Read More]

Verizon Report Highlights Widespread Impact of Breaches | ComputerWeekly

Verizon released its second annual Data Breach Digest, covering common scenarios that companies need to prepare for and defend against, as well as the most popular types of cyberattacks. However, the digest also highlighted that many companies underestimate the actual impact a data breach has on their organization, and how it affects every aspect of operations, not just IT or finances. Reading the DBD can provide more insight into how to build up defenses against an attack. [Read More]

Twenty-Two Healthcare Data Breaches Already Reported in 2017 | GovInfoSecurity

Though they have been small in scale, 22 healthcare data breaches have already been reported in 2017, with 75,270 individuals affected. This trend follows a general perception of rising incidents. In contrast, there were a total of 327 data breaches in 2016, affecting about 17 million individuals. It is believed that there are still breaches that haven’t been discovered, as the average time to discover a breach is 233 days. The Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights’ reports that there have been 1,823 major breaches since 2009 in healthcare, with over 171 million individuals affected. [Read More]

Biometrics Adoption Rising in Automotive Industry | Biometric Update

The automotive industry is ramping up adoption of biometric technology to improve driver identification and authentication, paralleled by the increase in “connected cars” being manufactured. Several car companies demonstrated new biometrics-focused vehicles at this year’s CES show, and many believe this trend will help improve both security and driver safety through the ability to detect inebriated or otherwise impaired drivers. [Read More]

RSA® Conference Begins Next Week | RSA

The world’s largest cybersecurity conference starts next week, February 13. The event spans the gamut from talks on encryption and emerging security technologies like biometrics to special events and changes to talk with specific vendors who will be showcasing their solutions. Meet Veridium there at the Marriott Early Stage Expo, Booth #ESE-35. [Read More]

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