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Government Biometrics Use Benefits Public, Law Enforcement

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. Here are a few of the headlines you might have missed this week.

Biometric IDs Shine in Airports | Gov Tech

As consumers become more comfortable with biometric authentication processes, airlines have quickly adopted this technology for multiple terminals. Airline companies note that passengers would rather check in at self-service kiosks rather than stand in a line for manual check-in. In a recent prototype test, 90 percent of JetBlue’s customers opted for a facial scan for boarding. However, others see this advancement as a violation of the ‘right to travel’ and ‘right to anonymous association’. [Read More]

Biometrics Detect Criminal at Concert | GB Times

While multiple Western countries have cried “big brother” on China’s emerging surveillance state, China’s system continues to catch criminals. On the run, criminal Ao decided to attend a concert at a venue holding more than 50,000 people. Not realizing that the facial recognition technology was built into the stadium, Ao was surprised when officials escorted him out of the venue. [Read More]

Hackers Increasingly Target Utilities | Cyber Security Hub

While we often think about cybersecurity hackers attacking online-based companies like Facebook and Yahoo, outside threats have recently targeted utility companies. By attacking communication systems company Latitude Technologies, hackers gained access to shared data between multiple pipelines. The companies affected did not report interruptions in gas service, but don’t know the extent of the data breach.  [Read More]

Facial Recognition Replaces Apartment Keys | Calvert Journal

Rather than fumble around their pockets for their keys, apartment dwellers in Moscow can now access their buildings with a facial scan. Rather than waiting for an elevator button press, these new cameras can also identify which floor and suite to send their user. On top of increased customer convenience, this facial recognition technology also serves as a surveillance camera keeping tabs on cars and pedestrians leaving the complex. [Read More]

The State of the United States’ Cybersecurity Policy | Axios

As more is uncovered by the latest Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal, many are wondering why the US doesn’t have a comprehensive cybersecurity doctrine. The Trump Administration promised a clear cyber policy within 90 days of the inauguration but this has been delayed. Shannon Vavra writes a succinct summary of the current state of cybersecurity in the US. [Read More]

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