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Mobile Biometrics Rising

Veridium Author | February 12, 2016

The evolution of the biometrics, authentication, and identity assurance industries is critical as we focus more on security as a society. To this end, it is important to take note of the innovations and improvements being made across the biometrics industry. Every Friday, Hoyos Labs takes a look at the week and shares some of the news stories we found important and interesting.

Samsung Hints at Veins Pattern Recognition on Wearables | Fast Company

Samsung recently published a patent for vein pattern recognition that would bring biometric authentication to a smartwatch. This could allow users to lock their smartwatch using biometrics, or to use their smartwatch as a “key” for other devices, mobile payments, or physical access to secure locations through identity authentication. This trend could help push mobile biometrics adoption further as a critical access solution. [Read More]

New Guidelines on Collecting Biometric Data Help Businesses Stay Ahead of the Game | Technology Law Dispatch

The Biometrics Institute recently revised its Biometrics Privacy Guidelines, improving best practices for data collection and storage. These guidelines are meant to encourage biometrics adoption while educating organizations on the best way to protect the biometric data of their employees and/or customers. [Read More]

Biometrics to be “Top Distruptive” eCommerce Tech for 2016 | Planet Biometrics

Juniper Research reveals biometrics as the top disruptive technology in financial technology (fintech). This trend is due, in part, to heavy adoption of Apple Pay and Samsung Pay, as well as continued integration of sensors in smartphones and wearables to support mobile biometrics. [Read More]

What’s Next for Mobile Biometrics? | TechTarget

TechTarget’s Alyssa Wood notes that biometric authentication is the future of mobile security, but the road to full adoption is a long one. Wood states that recognition software needs to mature, and needs to utilize encryption and Active Directory to minimize security risks. Without these backend solutions for security, mobile biometrics will not take off as needed to provide consumers with a convenient yet safe solution for mobile security and privacy. [Read More]

Password Security Is So Bad, President Obama Weighs In | NPR

President Obama called for a 35 percent increase in the national cybersecurity budget in a recent press release. The White House is enabling a new “Cybersecurity National Action Plan” that will raise funding for cybersecurity to $19 billion and implements a Federal Privacy Council to help protect American citizens’ online privacy. In addition to this plan, the President also told the Wall Street Journal that Americans need to move beyond passwords, citing biometrics as a better security feature. [Read More]

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