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Multi factor Authentication is the Future of Security

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

NIST Needs to Include MFA in Cybersecurity Framework | Tom’s Hardware

NIST recently released its guidelines for improving cybersecurity in the nation’s critical infrastructure, with one glaring omission – multi factor authentication. The FIDO Alliance responded to the new framework, urging NIST to add a subcategory highlighting the importance of multi factor authentication,  especially how critical MFA is for ensuring the identity of a user. The organization suggested several other ways the NIST guidelines could be improved. [Read More]

More Consumers Avoiding Banking Apps Without Biometrics | CreditUnionTimes

A recent study found that eight in 10 banking customers prefer apps that use their biometrics to log into their accounts. Nearly half (42 percent) said they refuse to use an app if it doesn’t authenticate them with a fingerprint or facial recognition. Biometrics provide additional layers of security when used for authentication, well beyond passwords, and are ideal for multi factor authentication for securing transaction and access to critical and private information. Equally important to consumers is that they make logging in faster and more convenient. [Read More]

Mastercard Predicts Mobile Biometrics Growth | Biometric Update

A recent survey by Mastercard found that the majority of consumers in New Zealand believe mobile payments are the “next big thing.” Furthermore, nearly half also believe that wearable technology will influence payment technologies, as will biometrics. These statistics highlight a growing preference toward biometrics-based multi factor authentication and mobile banking that has been seen across the globe. These trends are being driven by security concerns and the convenience of online shopping. [Read More]

Password Management a Top Challenge in IAM | VMware

In a recent survey, VMware focused on the top 10 challenges in identity and access management (IAM), focusing on what enterprises struggle with, and what the biggest weaknesses in their organizations are. These challenges often centered around end users’ personal devices and passwords with the top challenges being password management. Password resets are expensive and time-consuming, resulting in lost productivity and high overhead for any company, and a headache for help desk technicians and employees alike. [Read More]

Will Behavioral Biometrics Kill Passwords? | MarketWatch

Behavioral biometrics seem to be the next big thing, prompting some security experts to ask if this technology will be the key to killing off passwords and even fingerprint sensors. What we need to consider is that behavioral biometrics are a passive form of authentication, which makes them very convenient, but also a softer one makes them slightly less secure than a strong match that can be gathered from iris or hand recognition. However, the notion that they will be instrumental in eliminating passwords in favor of biometrics-based multi factor authentication is an important one. [Read More]

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