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The Evolution of Cybersecurity Lies in Biometrics

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Cybersecurity is the ‘White Walkers’ of 2017 | Quartz

The biggest threat to Westeros was finally confirmed to be the zombie-esque White Walkers of the north this season, but in reality, enterprises are facing their own White Walkers when it comes to cybersecurity. Many have disregarded warnings that cybersecurity is the biggest threat facing companies, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that the Jon Snow’s of these firms were right all along as more serious and widespread data breaches and attacks occur every day. Of course, most digital weapons didn’t start off destructive, but as defensive tools – another comparison that can be made to the Game of Thrones villains. [Read More]

The Time for Biometric-Based Cybersecurity is Now | Forbes

More business leaders are embracing biometric authentication for their security efforts. As more firms embrace biometrics, the need to improve upon and deliver easy-to-use authentication solutions is higher than ever. With mobile devices providing seamless user experiences with several different biometric modalities today, companies can deploy biometric-based cybersecurity with ease and significantly advance their strategies for access control and identity management. [Read More]

Federal Cybersecurity Advisors Resign | Engadget

The cybersecurity experts on the National Infrastructure Advisory Council have all resigned, citing a lack of attention paid to critical cybersecurity vulnerabilities within the nation’s critical systems. The US government has struggled with cybersecurity efforts in the past, and the resignation of the entire cabinet of cybersecurity advisors will continue to slow efforts to improve the protection of national infrastructure and systems. [Read More]

India & Pakistan Hit With Nation-State Malware | U.S. News & World Report

A sustained cyber spying effort against India and Pakistan was recently discovered, specifically targeting government entities focused on regional security. The threat was detected by Symantec and is believed to be a state-sponsored malware attack, similar to one that tarted Qatar in recent past. The attackers were able to bypass security measures by delivering decoy documents related to South Asian security issues, to which the malware was attached. [Read More]

5 Trends in Modern Authentication to Watch | CSO

From biometrics to smartphones, multi factor authentication is evolving rapidly, and there are several new trends that you need to pay close attention to as both the technology that supports and need for them, advances. These trends include an increasingly mobile workforce, demand for single-sign on, authentication standardization, device-level trust, and biometrics. [Read More]

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