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Underdogs and Government Biometrics

Veridium Author | June 10, 2016

The Weekly Cypher is specially curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in cybersecurity, biometrics, and related news and innovations. This week’s topics are:

Ex-NASA Chief Creating Innovative New Voice Biometric Solution | Planet Biometrics

Dan Goldin, former head of NASA during the 1990s, recently revealed his latest endeavor – voice biometrics. Goldin’s new company will focus on “neural chips” and machine-learning to develop an innovative new voice recognition platform for biometric authentication. His goal is to develop a solution that is useable in any environment, regardless of background noise. The firm has already spent 10 years in research and development and has several private clients, but decided to begin selling commercially, in order to advance global biometrics markets. [Read More]

Will Optical Fingerprint Sensors be the Next Big Thing in Mobile Devices | iDigitalTimes

More mobile devices are moving to bezel-to-bezel glass cases, and current fingerprint sensor technology cannot accommodate. This is why more companies are looking at alternatives. One such example is optical fingerprint sensors, which could sit underneath the glass plate on the front of the device and capture a print through it. This would allow for a seamless case design, which helps prevent dust from getting inside the device, and improves waterproofing. [Read More]

Fujitsu Reveals Tablet with Iris Recognition | MobileIDWorld

While many firms have been updating their mobile devices with biometrics, Fujitsu is one of the first to reveal an iris recognition-ready tablet. The company is following up it’s two iris-capable smartphones with the Arrows Tab F-04H, which uses the same technology as the preceding devices. The Tablet was launched exclusively to the Japanese market, which has been largely enthusiastic about Fujitsu’s previous mobile biometric offerings. [Read More]

Canonical Preparing for Long Awaited Fingerprint Support for Ubuntu Touch | Softpedia

Canonical’s Linux-based Ubuntu Touch operating system is by far the underdog in the mobile space, but the firm is still looking forward to fingerprint reader support. According to Lukasz Zemczak, the developers are preparing for biometric integration into the mobile OS. However, currently only one Ubuntu-based device could support fingerprint authentication, the Meizu PRO 5 Ubuntu Edition. This support is not expected to be included in the upcoming Ubuntu Touch OTA-12 update. [Read More]

Government Spending to Boost North American Biometrics Market | Technavio

Technavio’s latest research study predicts that the North American biometrics market will exceed $8 billion by 2020, driven largely by government investments. Increasing interest in biometric authentication in homeland security and law enforcement will help push enterprise and consumer markets as well, but the large adoption rates are also anticipated for border control and facility and data access control. The report notes that iris recognition is expected to see great adoption than other biometrics. [Read More]

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