When working from home goes viral – are you set up securely?

The latest and rapidly evolving Coronavirus threat has made many businesses and organisations seriously consider asking their employees to work from home. 

If you haven’t yet set up your systems and security to allow your employees to carry on with their day job whatever their location, you are now torn between shutting your business and stalling your business continuity, albeit temporarily, or risking the spread of the virus among your teams.

It’s a tough decision indeed!

But technology is on our side

Modern technology has meant it is now possible, even easy, to let employees work remotely. In fact, the mass experiment in working from home in China to stall the virus has not only led to a surge in demand for video conferencing apps and collaboration tools but was deemed successful as many businesses could carry on as usual. Plus in general the employee’s well being improved as people were happier (short term at least) as they were cutting their commute times and increasing their productivity whilst safeguarding themselves and their family from the virus as best they could.

So, what has the Coronavirus taught us in this regard?

The Coronavirus outbreak is a chance for businesses to reassess their relationship between companies and employees and ensure they are set up for work to continue in such circumstances as these. What’s more, potential pandemic outbreaks such as Coronavirus and SARS should now be included in business continuity planning.

But what about the security of my organisation if my employees are working from home?

The battle of wanting your employees to work from home versus the fear of potential security lapses can cause a big headache and much discussion; remotely accessing an organisation’s network for example can cause security issues. Mobile devices in particular can involve a whole chain of risk management until the IT department is satisfied.

Not to mention the issue with misplaced passwords and forgotten log-in details increases substantially when people are not operating from their normal work space.

Protect your workspace

Activating additional layers of security will safeguard businesses in unforeseen times like these whilst also ensuring you stay ahead of increasingly sophisticated hacking strategies. Encryption and simple multi-factor biometric authentication and passwordless technology will not only enhance the security of working remotely but will also protect you from other malicious activity.

Offering facial, fingerprint and passive behavioral options, alongside native or third-party biometrics, lets your employees authenticate without tying them up in endless layers of security whilst giving the business the reassurance of keeping track of everything, with a desktop audit trail, ensuring non-repudiation and regulatory compliance.

“The way we will work will not just change for the current virus outbreak, but will potentially change forever. We are seeing clients move away from stop gap solutions of tokens (which are inherently expensive to deploy and manage) and take a software driven Biometric approach. Better Security, lower cost and Better User Experience. Clients who are invoking their Business Continuity strategies are doing so under cost pressure and so deploying solutions is an urgent activity, deploying the right solution is a necessity” James Stickland, CEO, Veridium

Ensure business continuity in an unpredictable world

Employees can work from home using existing hardware and secure logins. The burden on your IT department will be decreased and in times like these you should be able to continue with business as usual. By implementing passwordless technology you are future proofing your business now and in the years to come, not to mention the added benefits of vastly improved user experience.

To find out more about how Veridium ID can support you with passwordless technology and secure your business for the future, please contact us at [email protected]

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