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Windows Desktop

Microsoft Windows is the most dominant operating system in Enterprise organisations today. From end point devices used by employees or Windows server operating systems in the Data Centre delivering back end applications. There is a common authentication requirement to gain access to a Windows desktop, a username and a password.

Passwordless Enterprise

Veridium provides passwordless authentication for Enterprise applications and services, delivering strong, multi-factor, password-less user authentication. Eliminating the password for employees removes the friction often associated with passwords and delivers increased security for organsiations. With no requirement for a password, this means credentials cannot be shared, brute force attacks are eliminated, and phishing emails become irrelevant where passwords are often captured and data compromises occur.

No Passwords, Happy Employees

Veridium provide a frictionless, consistent user experience to authenticate users without a password to Windows 7, 8, 10 and Server operating systems, eliminating user frustration of forgotten passwords and expensive calls to the help desk. Additionally, Veridium software-only solution means no requirements for specific hardware on the end point. In addition to authenticating the desktop, Veridium will provide modern authentication to the user’s entire application estate.

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