MTRIX Selects Veridium as a New Partner for Trusted Digital Identities

Veridium Tapped for Trusted Digital Identities and Consistent, Frictionless User Experience Across All Environments – From Fat and Remote Clients to iPads and Mobile Devices

NEW YORK, NY, May 9, 2023Veridium, a leading developer of frictionless, passwordless authentication solutions, today announced its selection by MTRIX as a solution of choice for trusted digital identities and passwordless authentication for providing organizations with a uniform, simple, passwordless authentication user experience across platforms and environments.

MTRIX – (MTRIX GmbH in Germany and MTRIX America Inc. in the US) is recognized globally as one of the leading experts in authentication solutions. From small businesses to large enterprises, MTRIX is the one-stop-shop for all things authentication. MTRIX serves organizations such as BMW, VGH, Heckler & Koch, Pfisterer and BFS health finance.

MTRIX founder and CEO Malte Kahrs said: “As longtime leaders in authentication solutions for some of the world’s top consumer brands and most security-centric financial and critical infrastructure organizations, we are always on the lookout for new solutions that cover the needs of our customers. We are glad that our search led us to Veridium and that we can expand our portfolio with this innovative solution for passwordless authentication that’s effective, frictionless and consistent across platforms,”

In today’s world, security, compliance, and user satisfaction all depend on strong, frictionless, passwordless authentication that works across platforms and ecosystems and is massively scalable. Companies spend billions of dollars on anti-phishing solutions and user training in an attempt to overcome human nature. Veridium eliminates the root cause of these problems: the password.

Veridium delivers uniform authentication across

  • All devices: smartphone, tablet, desktop, VDI
  • All stakeholders: employees, customers, contractors
  • All applications and systems: VPN, workspaces, mobile, web and custom applications.

Veridium customers receive state of the art protection against phishing and password theft, eliminating password spraying, password reuse and replay, brute force attacks, and other threats. 

Veridium has emerged as the preferred solution for top integrators and their customers for:

  • Broad and frictionless MFA adoption: – Security administrators want to enhance security while ensuring a smooth user experience. Veridium provides a solution that balances both, making MFA adoption seamless. With Veridium, even initial registration process for new users is streamlined, eliminating the need for physical presence with an administrator.
  • Security without Complexity:  Veridium simplifies MFA deployment and maintenance, freeing up administrators to focus on other important tasks in the organization.
  • Control Costs: – Acquiring and operating smartcards, security tokens, and security keys can be expensive, even for organizations with ample budgets. Lost or broken smartcards also add to these costs. Veridium offers a cost-effective and secure solution to manage these expenses.

Rainer Witzgall, CRO, Veridium said “Today’s security teams face daunting authentication challenges. Complex methods add friction for the user and can be cumbersome for both the organization’s users and customers. Veridium eliminates this complexity entirely. We’re thrilled and honored to welcome MTRIX to our family of global integration partners, enhancing authentication resilience and efficiency.”


MTRIX is a specialist for strong authentication and supports companies in the selection, implementation, and operation of multi-factor authentication solutions. Founded in 2006, MTRIX has built up an extensive portfolio over the past years and today represents various market leaders in the industry. 

About Veridium

Veridium is the original passwordless and phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication company. Veridium’s passwordless Platform is a comprehensive platform using AI-based behavioral biometrics. Veridium makes it easy for organizations to eliminate passwords across applications, websites, and web services to create a future with no passwords, no phishing, no fraud.

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