Verdium is a Member of the FIDO Alliance


Veridium Supports FIDO / FIDO2

FIDO2 presents a strong user authentication framework that can replace passwords and will achieve it without compromising user convenience and experiences across difference types of devices and clients. This framework replaces password with FIDO 2.0 credentials that can’t be phished, replayed, and are not subject to server breach attacks.

VeridiumID provides flexibility for authenticators in the solution, allowing users or organisations to choose which is the best authenticator for a specific use case. From mobile-centric authentication, biometric sensors, SMS or OTP technology, Veridium ensure that we can cover all customer use cases.

Enter Biometrics on Mobile

VeridiumID is a FIDO 2.0 certified platform, enabling organisations register FIDO Tokens, such as Yubikey, MacBook TouchID, Windows Hello devices against VeridiumID server. This functionality provides exceptional security and user experience to authenticate against applications that are FIDO enabled via the WebAuthN protocol.

Veridium have further enhanced the capability of using FIDO tokens, by allowing user authentication into applications that are not WebAuthN (FIDO) capable. This extension to the FIDO offering, greatly extends the use cases for organisations, while allowing them to firmly cement their FIDO strategy with a capability to deliver on use cases today.


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