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>> Good-Bye to All Hardware

Token / Card Reader Replacement

2FA solutions, do not prove identity of a user; the token has little value if a user cannot remember their password and is prone to user error through mistyped codes.

Additionally, hardware tokens are expensive and have logistical challenges for replacing lost or stolen devices. Coupled with the challenge of forgotten passwords and the reset process users have to endure.

Veridium deliver strong authentication, eliminating the requirement for token (OTP) technology, delivering increased security at a lower operational cost for organisations than traditional token and password authentication solutions.


Omnichannel Authentication

VeridiumID platform delivers a single, consistent, omnichannel experience for authentication for Mobile, WEB and Call Centre access.

This platform increases security for organisations by eliminating user passwords, users can no longer share credentials or be exposed to brute force or phishing attacks and since the phone + biometric is 2 factors, Veridium deliver strong authentication by default. In addition to increased security, Veridium brings lower operational cost alongside world-class user experience for all your authentication requirements.


Regulatory Compliance

No matter the industry size, all businesses must adhere to certain laws and regulations as part of their operations. Regulatory compliance deals with a set of guidelines that local law requires organisations to follow.

Financial Services and Insurance are some of the most regulated businesses, with particular concerns around Data Privacy, Payment Services and User Access Control. Failure to comply with a regulator can result in significant fines for organisations and even prison sentences for senior executives.



Fraud Mitigation

Many organisations, particularly in Financial Services and Insurance sectors are constantly looking at mechanisms to reduce fraudulent activity on user accounts. From initial KYC (Know Your Customer) enrolment, to user authentication and transaction validation, there are many risk areas for organisations.

As an established security company, Veridium can help reduce fraudulent activity in many ways.

>> User Behaviour Analysis

Veridium AI Engine: InMotion

Veridium have addressed this concern by adding Veridium InMotion a User Behaviour Analysis to an authentication attempt to add increased levels of security and provide higher levels of confidence of individuals claim of identity.

Taking telemetry data from the mobile device and using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to learn and match user behaviour, InMotion complements the biometric check of technologies such as TouchID or FaceID, to bring heightened levels of security to organisations who are looking for extra security for user access.

Veridium InMotion is a transparent security layer, learning a typical user behaviour when authenticating or re-authenticating. Behaviour scores can be actioned by the Veridium server or 3rd party risk engine and used in conjunction with other phone data such a GeoLocation to provide intelligent authentication to organisations.

InMotion is not tied to any biometric and can be used alongside native in-built biometric sensors as well as software biometrics such as Veridium 4 FingersTouchlessID.

Veridium's User Behaviour
Analyis Engine

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