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Our 4 Fingers TouchlessID turns every smartphone with a camera into a highly-secure means of fingerprint authentication. By capturing simultaneous images of your fingerprints, and coupled with VeridiumID, it delivers Multi-Factor Authentication through a single interaction. All without the need for any native biometric scanners.
Uses phone’s 5MP camera and flash
Works across devices and platforms
Customer & Employee Authentication

Here’s How it Works

4 fingers touchlessid
Place your hand behind your phone
4 fingers touchlessid
The rear camera will detect your fingers
Place them within the guide and wait for the flash
All four fingerprints are captured at once

Go Contactless

4 Fingers TouchlessID works across the vast majority of platforms and devices as long as a phone has a 5MP camera and flash. Above all, it allows you to completely remove passwords from your user authentication process.

  • Enhanced User Experience No more endless password resets, one-time codes and external security tokens.
  • Increased Security Remove the risks of lost, stolen or written-down passwords
  • Cut costs Dramatically reduce time and money spent on helpdesk and support.
  • Meets strict enterprise standards FIDO certified and tested. Meets the iBeta DEA-EPCS Biometric Test Protocol, using the ISO/IEC 19795-1:2006 standard

Step-up Authentication

Use 4 Fingers TouchlessID for a step up authentication, when native is not enough. This is a live demo of a banking transaction.

So you need to be extra certain who your users are. It works seamlessly in conjunction with our VeridiumID suite, which also includes vFace Facial Recognition and inMotion Behavioral Biometrics.

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4 Fingers Export (separate SDK):

4 Fingers Export gives you the opportunity to immediately export and match fingerprints against national databases.  Read more on the 4 Fingers Export datasheet.

4 Fingers Export allows exporting in a variety of formats including:

  • VeridiumID TouchlessFP
  • ANSI/NIST-ITL 1-20077
  • ISO/IEC19794-2, 2005
  • ISO/IEC19794-4, 20055
  • RAW & PNG images in greyscale (8-bit)
  • WSQ (customizable compression rate)