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4 Fingers
Touchless ID

What is 4 Fingers Touchless ID?

Our 4 Fingers TouchlessID turns every smartphone with a camera into a highly-secure means of fingerprint authentication. By capturing simultaneous images of your fingerprints, and coupled with VeridiumID, it delivers Multi-Factor Authentication through a single interaction. All without the need for any native biometric scanners.

User Your Mobile Phone's
5MP Camera and Flash

Works Across Devices
and Platforms


Business Value & Use Cases

Financial Institutions: improving customer experiences by adding robust and secure
authentication for Know Your Customer (KYC) processes and digital transactions.
Government and law enforcement agencies: needing to capture fingerprints and match
them against legacy databases for citizens.
Healthcare Institutions: requiring secure authentication (i.e. Electronic Prescription of
Controlled Substances (EPCS)).
Enterprises: seeking to replace passwords, PINs, tokens, and ID cards to improve security
for employee and customers.

What is VeridiumID?

Enterprises face many challenges as they try to deliver digital services to an increasingly dispersed end user community.

Existing solutions on the market force customers to make a choice between security and convenience in order to achieve these goals.

We believe uncompromised user experience and best in class security are no longer mutually exclusive.

VeridiumID is all that any business needs to implement strong, passwordless authenticaton and have the best employee and customer login experience.

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