Veridium provides enhanced security to Konecta for Cloud Contact Centers

Konecta implements biometric authentication from Veridium in its proposal for Cloud solutions

Konecta continues to advance in its “Tech Enabled BPO” model with Konecta Cloud, an initiative to manage Contact Centers in the Cloud and on which a set of solutions and products is currently under development, with the purpose of supporting organizations in their evolution towards telework, prioritizing security aspects in all of the processes and technologies within its ecosystem.

And to ensure the highest level of security, Konecta signed a strategic agreement with Veridium, a leader in secure user identification and authentication in the Cloud world. With this agreement, Konecta Cloud extends its commitment to security by incorporating an access policy based on biometric identification, thus ensuring the correct identification of users who access the systems from their homes. This protects access to Konecta Cloud through an element that users know (their password), an element that users own and have (their mobile phone), and something that they are (biometrics), creating a highly secure multi-factor authentication model.



“We are aware of the challenge posed by security in home offices, and therefore our approach includes the safest technologies, partners and processes in the industry.”

— Jorge del Río (Global Director of Technological Solutions)



“Enabling frictionless user access to Contact Centers without compromising security is a key business imperative which drives our partnership with Konecta.”

— Ismet Geri (CEO Veridium)



To offer the best experience to its employees, special focus has been placed on making the process simple, agile and hassle-free for managers, while ensuring the maximum protection of sensitive data, since the company will not have access to, nor will it manage any biometric data of its users.


One of Konecta’s main objectives is for the remote work model to be equal to or more secure than that carried out from a traditional office. Thus, reliable identification, access security and data protection are three of the fundamental axes of our technological value proposition.

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