Veridium blocks password-based attacks like ransomware, account takeovers, and phishing.

Your users and your identity professionals will love it. Deploy on the same day.

Happy User After Passwordless Transformation

Happy Users

Happy After Passwordless Transformation

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"These technological improvements provide benefits outside of behavioral analytics. For example, the localisation of users during authentication facilitates regulatory compliance even in virtualised and distributed environments. When embedded within a complex solution architecture, this capability can be part of a solution that’s perceived as minimally invasive by both users and implementation partners.”
Christian Stork
Head of Strategic Data Projects, SIX Group (Swiss Stock Exchange)
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Data Breach Investigations Report 2021
Data Breach Investigation Report 2021

Passwords are The No.1 Problem

Why? Because all users are using the same passwords. These get stolen by hackers and used in their attempts to breach corporate data.

So what value does Veridium bring you?

  1. We eliminate passwords as an authentication method. No passwords means there’s no attack surface and nothing to steal for the bad guys. Say goodbye to phishing, credential stuffing and ransomware attacks.
  2. You can free up your help desk resources and save money.
  3. And your users will be happy at every login and thank you.

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