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Non-profit organisations (NGOs) continue to evolve at the speed of their Enterprise equivalents. Their value and very existence became inexplicably high during the pandemic.

Many of them have and re undergoing a great level of transformation in every aspect. Online transactions and digital transformation have led the industry to offer security and peace of mind at levels donors experience with their usual vendors on a daily basis. NGOs are no different than an enterprise-scale operation today as far as security, and identity issues are concerned.

In many cases, NGOs that are focused in humanitarian activities are in need to handle ID verification swiftly and in the most secure fashion possible.

Regulatory Compliance

No matter the industry size, all businesses must adhere to certain laws and regulations as part of their operations. Regulatory compliance deals with a set of guidelines that local law requires organisations to follow.

Financial Services and Insurance are some of the most regulated businesses, with particular concerns around Data Privacy, Payment Services and User Access Control. Failure to comply with a regulator can result in significant fines for organisations and even prison sentences for senior executives.


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