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Microsoft Azure and Veridium

VeridiumID platform has everything you need to make it happen, if you’re looking to deploy Mobile Multi-factor Authentication in the cloud on Microsoft Azure, enabling passwordless access and digital identity verification

The rapid deployment of digital services in the fast-paced enterprise environment, including biometric solutions, places an ever-growing demand on IT teams across all industries. Public cloud providers help organisations meet this need by delivering capacity on demand from multiple availability zones across the globe.

Veridium not only integrates with Microsoft Azure AD, but our solutions also support passwordless physical and virtual Windows desktop scenarios.

Passwordless Authentication with Veridium and Azure AD

Windows Desktop

Microsoft Windows is the most dominant operating system in Enterprise organisations today. From end point devices used by employees or Windows server operating systems in the Data Centre delivering back end applications. There is a common authentication requirement to gain access to a Windows desktop, a username and a password.


Windows Virtual Desktop

Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) is a popular technology solution delivering Windows 10 virtual desktops to users from Microsoft Azure Cloud. WVD provides the benefit of centralised configuration and administration as well as increased security of applications and customer data.


Authentication is very similar to standard Windows endpoint solutions with users required to submit username and password to gain access to their virtual desktop. However since WVD is a Cloud delivered service, Microsoft strongly recommend adding strong authentication for user access and this is typically enabled via 2FA (2nd Factor Authentication), a legacy technology that adds OTP (One Time Password) as an additional challenge for user logon.

What is VeridiumID?

Enterprises face many challenges as they try to deliver digital services to an increasingly dispersed end user community.

Existing solutions on the market force customers to make a choice between security and convenience in order to achieve these goals.

We believe uncompromised user experience and best in class security are no longer mutually exclusive.

VeridiumID is all that any business needs to implement strong, passwordless authenticaton and have the best employee and customer login experience.

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