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The Healthcare and Insurance industries have traditionally been in tight correlation due to the actual collaboration that billions experience on a daily basis.

Sİmilarly, technology trends in both industries have been parallel to each other. Thanks to web applications starting to talk to each other those days are long gone. This happened thanks to emerging technologies authenticating web applications to share information.

Now with the strong, passwordless authentication of each customer and employee at healthcare organizations is possible with Veridium technologies. Without hassle, without waits.


Regulatory Compliance

No matter the industry size, all businesses must adhere to certain laws and regulations as part of their operations. Regulatory compliance deals with a set of guidelines that local law requires organisations to follow.

Financial Services and Insurance are some of the most regulated businesses, with particular concerns around Data Privacy, Payment Services and User Access Control. Failure to comply with a regulator can result in significant fines for organisations and even prison sentences for senior executives.


Reducing Operational Costs

Password management is an expensive overhead for organisations. Password related calls to help desk contribute to over 70% of help desk tickets for many Enterprise organisations and Gartner estimate approx. $180 per user / year cost. 

Removing the password actually increases security for organisations by eliminating the capability to share credentials or perform brute force attacks on infrastructure, additionally phishing emails are irrelevant since the user has no password to reply to the attack. With Veridium in place, calls to help desks are significantly reduced, driving down operational costs for organisations and increasing user productivity.

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