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Veridium and IGEL

Veridium have identified IGEL as a strategic partner and are delighted the IGEL Ready program is available to validate our ground-breaking solutions. IGEL are the clear market leaders for edge OS for Cloud Workspaces and combined with Veridium’s unique software-only proposition to deliver a seamless user experience for passwordless user authentication, builds on the existing IGEL benefits and further complements cost savings and improved security for organisations.


Veridium is IGEL-Ready

Announced July 15th, 2020, IGEL-READY is an exclusive partner program designed for hardware, software and peripheral companies that want to develop verified, integrated solutions with IGEL technologies.

Veridium joined the program as soon as it was launched.

Watch What Value The Partnership Brings for VDI and DaaS

Presentation and Demo of IGEL and Veridium helping secure VDI and DaaS. Featuring IGEL CMO, Simon Townsend and Veridium Chief Strategy Officer, John Spencer who discuss the security and authentication challenges when deploying EUC in 2020.

What is VeridiumID?

Enterprises face many challenges as they try to deliver digital services to an increasingly dispersed end user community.

Existing solutions on the market force customers to make a choice between security and convenience in order to achieve these goals.

We believe uncompromised user experience and best in class security are no longer mutually exclusive.

VeridiumID is all that any business needs to implement strong, passwordless authenticaton and have the best employee and customer login experience.

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