All You Need for Passwordless Transformation


What is VeridiumID?

Enterprises face many challenges as they try to deliver digital services to an increasingly dispersed end user community.

Existing solutions on the market force customers to make a choice between security and convenience in order to achieve these goals.

We believe uncompromised user experience and best in class security are no longer mutually exclusive.

VeridiumID is all that any business needs to implement strong, passwordless authenticaton and have the best employee and customer login experience.

Integrated Identity Engine
Integrated Identity Engine
It's the heart of the Veridium platform, the operations centre of all components.

We extend IAM/IdM capabilities inside your enterprise.

This module takes care of login requests from users regardless of the medium.

Our platform manages passwordless access with extended features.

Integrated Identity Engine

VeridiumID is an Integrated platform that delivers passwordless authentication to any application or service thanks to its support for open standards and seamless integration capabilities.

It’s an agent-free, software solution to deliver Mutli-Factor, strong authentication and protects Enterprise applications and services:

  • Windows Desktops (Physical or Virtual)
  • SaaS & Web Applications
  • Networking & VPN
  • Legacy Applications

Augmentation of IAM/IdP

VeridiumID helps you extract more value from the investments made regarding authentication. Our platform supports all open authentication standards and integrates with all major players in the industry:

Thanks to its Composer engine, with VeridiumID platform you can create your own identity management workflows using an intuitive solution so that you can extract fast ROI from your investment.

Authentication Management

VeridiumID makes it simple to provide both multi-factor and step-up authentication through a single, easy-to-use platform. Therefore, combining who you are (your biometrics), what you have ( within your phone), you can deploy multiple layers of authentication. All through a single device.

Veridium are a member of the FIDO Alliance and support Fido/Fido2 authentication standards.

You can choose where you store biometric data based on your needs. For example, biometrics can be stored using a distributed data model. As a result, shards of encrypted biometric data can be placed in multiple places. Or you can store it one place.

Authorisation Management

Our MFA solutions provide industry leading security with exceptional user experience to a huge variety of applications, from Windows desktop, Web, SaaS, VPN and legacy applications.

Veridium’s Composer engine should orchestrate the user journey, enabling a consistent, omnichannel user experience. No longer should the enterprise need to maintain complex authorisation rules in applications or in the increasing number of enterprise IAM solutions, forced by a multi-cloud application strategy.

Taking telemetry data from the mobile device and using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, to learn and match user behaviour, InMotion complements the biometric check of technologies such as TouchID or FaceID, to bring heightened levels of security to organisations who are looking for extra security for user access.


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