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Government services providers are transforming service delivery to digital for a long time around the globe. No doubt Government is all about personal data. Any Government institution, by nature, has the highest level of sense and urgency about personal data.

We have seen “Government Gateway” projects all around the globe. All these projects, regardless of where they were implemented, had two common technology problems: sharing policy of the data and level of access of the users. Many gateway projects still rely on usernames and passwords, which is considered to be the top reason for data breaches.

Veridium solutions eliminate the need for password, ensuring a passwordless, frictionless digital authentication for Government services.


Regulatory Compliance:

Verify identities of your customers with Veridium’s passwordless authentication and AI-powered solutons to guard financial data and online transactions from cyber criminals. Regulatory bodies all over the world like the NYDFS (United States) or FINMA (Switzerland) are constantly producing and enforcing new rules to protect consumers and sensitive data.

Veridium’s modern, strong digital identity solution platform including passwordless MFA, location-aware AI platform and behavioural analysis solution help companies in the financial industry comply with regulations and protect access by every user, device and application.


Case Study: Global Swiss Bank

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A multinational Swiss Bank eliminated passwords, soft and hard tokens, replacing them with biometric authentication for employee access to Microsoft Active Directory and Citrix environments.

The bank selected Veridium for its cutting edge technology, convenience, and lower total cost of ownership.

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