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Passwords Are The Weak Link

“Over 80% of the breaches within Hacking involve Brute force of the Use of lost or stolen credentials.”

Verizon 2020 Data Breach
Investigations Report, 2020

>> Workforce Authentication

Remote Workforce | 2FA Replacement

Veridium provides modern authentication for any VPN solution, delivering strong, multi-factor, passwordless user authentication. Eliminating the password for users, removes the friction often associated with passwords and delivers increased security for VPN connections with our single step multi-factor authentication solution, while providing higher levels of identity assertion for organisations.




>> Good-Bye to All Hardware

Token / Card Reader Replacement

2FA solutions, do not prove identity of a user; the token has little value if a user cannot remember their password and is prone to user error through mistyped codes.

Additionally, hardware tokens are expensive and have logistical challenges for replacing lost or stolen devices. Coupled with the challenge of forgotten passwords and the reset process users have to endure.

Veridium deliver strong authentication, eliminating the requirement for token (OTP) technology, delivering increased security at a lower operational cost for organisations than traditional token and password authentication solutions.

What is VeridiumID?

Enterprises face many challenges as they try to deliver digital services to an increasingly dispersed end user community.

Existing solutions on the market force customers to make a choice between security and convenience in order to achieve these goals.

We believe uncompromised user experience and best in class security are no longer mutually exclusive.

VeridiumID is all that any business needs to implement strong, passwordless authenticaton and have the best employee and customer login experience.

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