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Everyone hates passwords

Customers and users hate having to remember them, IT help desks and departments hate managing them – even finance departments get caught up as annual password-resetting costs spiral out of control.

In fact, the only people who like passwords are the malicious actors looking to exploit them.

27% of external attacks are carried out using stolen credentials, under-lining the importance of Multi-Factor Authentication.

The Forrester Analytics Global Business Technographics® Security Survey 2019

Pure Passwordless

At Veridium we don’t just want to hide away passwords - we believe that getting rid of them, completely and forever, will transform the way your business thinks about user authentication:
Dramatically improve user experience and productivity
Significantly increase both security and regulatory compliance
Drive down costs throughout the user authentication process

Offering cutting-edge facial, fingerprint and behavioural biometrics, major financial institutions and governments are already using our simple-to-integrate open platform – they know they can rely on VeridiumID to deliver the best of both worlds: strong mobile multi-factor security and single-step convenience.

Passwords are the easiest approach for attackers. People tend to use passwords that are easy to remember and therefore easy to compromise.

Frank Swain, BBC Technology of Business reporter

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No more RSA Keys, One-time Passwords, Tokens etc.

Use native smartphone abilities

  • Computer Login
  • Customer Identification
  • Non-repudiation
  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Transaction Authorisation
  • Application Access
  • Step-up Verification
  • Financial Traceability
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Combine a fantastic experience with increased security for your customers, giving yourself real competitive advantage.


Make life easier, cheaper and more secure for just about every part of your business, increasing efficiency and productivity

How Veridium works:

The benefits of passwordless authentication

Watch as Veridium’s Chief Product Officer John Spencer explains how passwordless authentication leads to increased security, a better user experience and lower IT costs.