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Live Webinar

How to Perform Remote eKYC Effectively and Deliver High Levels of Assurance of User Identity

8 April 2021    10:00 GMT

John Spencer
Chief Strategy Officer

What Will we Cover?

Secure, remote digital user onboarding is now a pre-requisite for many organisations to sign customers up for digital services. How do you perform remote eKYC (Know Your Customer) and deliver high levels of assurance of user identity? This problem has been amplified further with the restrictions for travel and contact due to the Global pandemic.

In the Webinar, we will discuss how the most reliable form of user identification, biometrics, can be used to securely onboard customers into your organisations services, leveraging just the customers’ mobile device, providing higher levels of identity assurance and reducing fraudulent signup. We will then explain how you can secure the on-boarding process leveraged to provide a convenient and frictionless user experience for user access, eliminating passwords and legacy token technology to provide strong authentication for securely onboarded users.

Identity Verification with Biometrics

Convenient, secure and frictionless eKYC process leveraging fingerprint technology for remote Identity Verification

4 Fingers Touchless ID

Secure, passwordless and tokenless authentication for convenient customer access

Secure Customer and Transaction Authentication

Improving security, reducing operational costs and meeting regulatory compliance.

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