Live Webinar

Effective Zero Trust Implementation:

Securing Third Party Remote Access

18 May 2021    15:00 BST

Lee Hannaford
Lee Hannaford
Managing Director,
Canberra Solutions
John Spencer
Chief Strategy Officer,

in partnership with

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What Will we Cover?

As remote work increased during the pandemic, threat actors increasingly targeted known vulnerabilities.

In this webinar we will be discussing how to secure third-party access, the risks and business impact associated as well as how to tackle this. This discussion will be led by Lee Hannaford who has over 25 years of experience in defence, intelligence and wider government and has become a sought after consultant within the innovation, technology and security industries; and John Spencer, our Chief Strategy Officer.

They will be sharing insights on the real-life challenges Enterprise customers face when trying to grasp the Cyber Security risks they are exposed to when engaging with third parties. We’ll seek answers to the following questions:

– How secure are VPNs & how effective are they for remote access?

– How is Zero Trust in the Remote Work World possible?

– Is there a better way to effectively secure third-party remote access?

Looking forward to seeing you there!

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