VeridiumID in the AWS Marketplace

Veridium has simplified the user experience around authentication by eliminating passwords from the process. Now we’re simplifying the VeridiumID deployment process by making the application available in the AWS Marketplace. In this blog, Veridium Chief Product Officer John Spencer answers questions on how Veridium being in the AWS Marketplace benefits companies.

What does having Veridium in the AWS Marketplace mean for deployment?

Deployment is rapid and simplified. With Veridium in AWS Marketplace, companies don’t have to provision a server, install Linux, install the VeridiumID server and then extensively configure the application. 

Now you can go to AWS Marketplace and, with a minimum amount of effort and configuration, start using VeridiumID. What’s offered in the AWS Marketplace is essentially a pre-made version of the VeridiumID server that runs on your Amazon cloud instance, either for single instance PoC type activity or to deploy High Availability multinode production solution.

What does this mean for traditional on-premise deployments? 

Nothing. Companies can still choose those. With many companies migrating applications to the cloud, we wanted to give enterprises the option to use Veridium in that environment. 

We followed a similar path with our Veridium mobile app. If companies want it pre-built, the app can be downloaded from either Apple’s App Store or Google Play. And there’s also an SDK for companies that want to integrate passwordless authentication into their own mobile applications. 

What type of deployments is this good for? 

Veridium can be used for any deployment, whether it’s a proof of concept or a production environment. 

What are the business benefits to having Veridium available in the AWS Marketplace?

Being able to quickly and simply deploy Veridium onto an Amazon instance means businesses can eliminate passwords faster and reap the benefits of going passwordless, like improved security, reduced password management costs and a better user experience. 

Threat actors use passwords to infiltrate targets and credentials are frequently exposed in data breaches. Resetting them costs businesses around $70 per user, driving up operational expenses. Veridium estimates that businesses with 10,000 employees spend $1.9 annually on password resets. And people don’t like creating and remembering passwords, impacting the user experience.

Making Veridium available in the AWS Marketplace also brings the typical benefits associated with using the cloud. Those include not having to purchase, setup and maintain servers, cost savings by paying only for the computing power that a customer uses and the flexibility to increase and decrease computing power based on demand. 

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