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China’s Airport Facial Recognition Kiosks Should Make Us Fear For Our Privacy  

The Weekly Cypher is curated to keep you up-to-date on the latest in biometric and cybersecurity news. Here are a few headlines you may have missed this week.

China’s Airport Facial Recognition Kiosks Should Make Us Fear For Our Privacy | Fast Company

Matthew Brennan, an expert on Chinese technology, recently posted a short video clip of the new facial recognition kiosks airlines have installed in some airports in China. Recordings show that Brennan simply needed to walk near the kiosk for it to scan his face, have it accurately identify him and his flight plans – complete with giving him a map and directions to his gate. While an intriguing advancement, this type of technology should also warn individuals of the possibilities behind government use of our data.

New York City Students Protest School Surveillance Cameras |Education Dive

The group believes that the $30 million in state grants being offered to schools to purchase surveillance equipment, including video monitoring and facial recognition software, would be better spent on mental health programs or other tools to boost school safety. They also argued that such technology could infringe upon privacy and increase government surveillance.

Strict New Florida Biometric Information Privacy Act Proposed In Legislature | Secure ID News 

Lawmakers are considering a Florida Biometric Information Privacy Act similar to the controversial Illinois law that has led to many both high-profile and arguably frivolous lawsuits. The regulation presumably would have notable impact in a state with multiple theme parks that attract millions of tourists and locals each year. Disney already uses fingerprint biometrics in Florida in an attempt to cut down on people sharing tickets.

How AI Helps Facial Recognition Really Get To Know Your Face | CNET

Royal Caribbean Cruises thinks it has the answer to getting passengers aboard faster: AI-powered facial recognition. In December, passengers started taking part in a pilot program at a company embarkation point in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Passengers take selfies with the company’s app, then at the port, an AI-powered database matches their faces. After a quick double-check, Royal Caribbean’s staff members direct guests to their cabins. The result: all-time high customer satisfaction.

Apple Card Secures Payments With Smartphone Biometrics As Mastercard Plans For Digital Trust | Biometric Update

Apple has announced a new digital-first credit card built into the iPhone Wallet app with a range of security and privacy features, including integration of Touch ID and Face ID biometrics. The new Apple Card, launched in partnership with Mastercard and Goldman Sachs, brings the security of biometric authentication to online purchases, and also features a dynamic card verification value security code.

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