Why Veridium won Best in Show and Best Application, Security at Citrix Synergy

Getting your product recognized by a major technology company like Citrix is always a positive. And when you’re recognized  twice in the same week (which happened to Veridium at this year’s Citrix Synergy show where we won Best in Show and Best Application, Security), you know that you’re on the right path to helping Citrix customers offer their employees a better and  more secure authentication experience. 

In this blog, Veridium’s John Spencer, Chief Product Officer, and Ross Penny, Global Head of Sales Engineering, share what made Veridium stand out to the judges. 

Veridium shares Citrix’s vision for a better work experience

Citrix and Veridium are both taking innovative approaches to improve how people work. 

Veridium offers a passwordless authentication platform that lets people use biometrics to authenticate into Citrix solutions like Workspace. There’s no need to remember passwords or use tokens for multi factor authentication. The passwordless approach offers a much better user experience compared to using passwords. People tend to forget passwords, particularly if they’re long and complicated. Forgotten passwords lead to password resets (usually after the frustrating experience of  multiple failed login attempts), a process that typically entails either waiting for an email containing a password reset link or the IT department to get to the ticket you filed. Meanwhile, employee productivity plummets. Passwordless authentication with biometrics eliminates lost productivity due to password resets. 

But employees aren’t the only ones who benefit from passwordless authentication. When passwords are no longer the main authentication method, IT departments spend less time dealing with password resets, saving companies money and allowing IT staff to work on more pressing issues. Veridium estimates that password resets cost enterprises between $108 and $275 per employee, per year. Veridium also delivers location aware access control, step up authentication and a multitude of biometric authenticators across many different applications in Workspace.

With Veridium, employees get a superior log-in experience that’s also incredibly secure. Citrix wants its customers to have the same experience when they access Citrix environments. Sharing this vision for improved and secure authentication helped Veridium win the awards. 

Veridium’s passwordless authentication platform fits with Citrix’s Intelligent Workspaces initiative

Intelligent Workspaces gives workers a better, more productive way to do their jobs. Veridium does the same for authenticating into Workspace. Passwordless authentication provides a far superior user authentication experience than traditional methods that involve passwords or tokens. 

Then there’s the security component. Security is a concern for any company, especially with passwords being used as attack vectors. Threat actors typically obtain passwords by purchasing them on the dark Web from other threat actors who stole them in a data breach or using phishing scams to trick employees into entering their user name and password into a rogue site. Veridium provides multi factor authentication for Citrix Workspace without using passwords, reducing the security risks associated with them. We also bring strong authentication to any log-in experience and that was important for Citrix. 

We worked with Citrix to create a demo that showed end to end, passwordless authentication into Citrix Cloud. The demo, which was played during a breakout session at Synergy, was well received and increased traffic to Veridium’s booth. A lot of people who wanted to see a demo at the booth said they learned about Veridium during that breakout session.

Ultimately, Citrix and Veridium have a common goal: to help people work in a more secure and productive way. Having the same customer outlook in mind contributed to our award-winning results at Synergy.

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