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Citrix Synergy 2018: Innovation Wanted

Citrix Synergy was a fun, informative event. We met lots of interesting people from a diverse set of industries from healthcare to education. The event itself was small compared to some others we’ve been to this year (RSA, MWC), but the steady flow of people asking for demos kept us busy throughout the three days of the conference!

I attended the show with two Citrix Synergy veterans, and something that really stuck out to them was that there wasn’t a lot of innovation on display. It was more of the same – storage optimization, network security, digital workforce management – just repackaged in new ways.

Veridium, on the other hand, stood out like a sore thumb. We aren’t more of the same. I may be biased, but I think we were a breath of fresh air in a stagnant space. We were one of the only authentication companies there and the only one with a mobile biometric solution. Of course, this is good for us – it means there is room for innovation to grow in this space – and with cybersecurity threats against employees and enterprises on the rise, innovation is much needed!

A common theme we heard from people coming to our booth was how simple and convenient our solutions are for Citrix and Active Directory environments. I saw a lot of surprised faces when they realized our Active Directory solutions weren’t convoluted and complex but could authenticate you into your workstation or remote desktop in just a few seconds. All without having to remember your passwords or use tokens with the help of our newly released authenticator app.

We were able to show how our solutions work for a variety of Citrix use cases – to secure access to Citrix NetScaler, StoreFront, and Cloud, as well as provide Single Sign-On (SSO) through SAML into ShareFile and other third-party apps. Conference attendees were also surprised to learn that Veridium’s solutions could be used as a single-step or as part of a two-factor solution. This would provide their company’s flexibility on how biometric authentication is deployed and helps them configure different levels of access for different employees.

Overall, we loved being in sunny California for the Citrix Synergy conference, and we loved hearing what different company’s security problems looked like and how we can help.

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