Using Veridium for employee authentication when a smartphone isn’t available

We never leave home without our phones. They accompany us to the office, the gym, the movies and pretty much everywhere. The ubiquity of smartphones is why Veridium made it a key component of how our passwordless authentication platform works. 

But there are times when a smartphone can’t be used for authentication. Maybe its battery is drained or you did the unthinkable and forget it at home. Or maybe your organization bans smartphones from certain environments, like your company’s data center or a secure meeting room in a government agency. How do you use your phone to authenticate then and can my company still use Veridium for passwordless employee authentication, are questions our customers ask. Yes, you can still use Veridium in those situations. This blog explains how. 

Forgot your phone? Phone out of my battery or not working?

For a Windows login, you maybe able to authenticate using either an external or built-in webcam for facial recognition. Also, you can scan your fingerprint with a USB fingerprint scanner. For other use cases, an administrator can generate a one-time password after a person is verified using other means, such as a phone call. 

A person doesn’t want to or can’t use a phone or doesn’t have a phone

A webcam connected to either a desktop or laptop can be used for facial recognition. Also, a USB fingerprint scanner or FIDO Authenticator like a YubiKey can be used to authenticate a person.

Employees can normally use biometric authentication expect the ones who work in select locations, like the data center where phones and external biometric devices like  webcams and fingerprint scanners are banned. Instead, my company provides a PIN and OTP via a token from a third party like RSA. 

Veridium can use the PIN and OTP to provide a passwordless authentication experience. 

Veridium provides authentication flexibility based on the organization’s needs

Passwordless authentication shouldn’t be limited to people who have smartphones or work in certain parts of a company. Veridium’s technology is designed to fit a company’s unique environment and bring passwordless authentication to all employees. This includes the ones who always have their smartphones on them to those who constantly forget them to the employees who can’t use them because of their role.

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