authentication biometrics access management

Exploring the Authentication Landscape

The biometrics industry has been growing at an astonishing pace, led by improvements to mobile devices and other innovations in biometric sensor technology. As a result of this fantastic growth, we’re seeing numerous authentication companies crop up across all different aspects of this fascinating industry. From access control to workforce management, these companies are providing valuable services and demonstrating just how far the authentication landscape as evolved in the last decade or so.

authentication biometric access management

For this infographic, we examined some of the top tiers of the authentication landscape: Access control, biometric authentication software, biometric capture solutions, identity and access management, workforce management, authentication software, and document scanning. These are broad categories that cover the largest swath of the industry while incorporating as many startups and household names as possible.

Advanced Authentication Across the Globe

Considering the rapid pace of adoption biometrics is achieving in nearly every industry. The global advanced authentication market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.95% over the next few years, Technavio reported earlier in 2016. This growth will be led by a need to protect the increasing mobile workforce, as well as the growing popularity of online financial transactions.

Of course, the authentication industry is so massive it’s difficult to include every firm in a first pass. We plan on updating this infographic over time to demonstrate just how quickly the landscape is growing and how important it is becoming to enterprises across the globe.

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