Forget Tokens, Biometric Authentication is the Future

Tokens are the bane of many organizations’ existence. How many times have you gotten to work only to realize you left it at home? And then even if you remember the token you still have to remember your password. Then you have to type in the code before it times out. And it’s not just employees that suffer. If you’re in the IT department, how much of your day is spent helping those workers access their accounts? How much of your budget is dedicated to tokens? How much to just replace lost or damaged ones? What if you want to scale up your access management strategy?

These sorts of questions aren’t new. Multi factor authentication using tokens has been problematic from the start, and many of the attempts to improve on this technology have had a marginal effect on actual security (or worse, have weakened it). Phone-as-a-token, SMS OTPs, and similar efforts can make logging in more convenient for employees but often make it more convenient for hackers as well.

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Making MFA Secure Again

To bring convenience and security together at last, 63 percent of IT decision makers are turning to biometric authentication to replace tokens and other traditional methods of MFA for their organizations. Employees no longer have to worry about remembering a token and typing the code in quickly within the allotted window before getting locked out of their account. And IT teams free themselves of the headaches that come with replacing lost or damaged tokens and the time wasted helping employees into their accounts.

Biometric authentication doesn’t just replace tokens either. A single-step, multi factor biometric authentication solution allows businesses to eliminate dreaded passwords at the same time, dramatically simplifying the employee login experience without sacrificing security, all while boosting productivity across the entire organization.

Tokens aren’t just a headache, they’re a weakness in a company’s security infrastructure that needs to be forgotten. Biometrics, captured from a smartphone, provide a simpler solution to replace these cumbersome methods of authenticating into sensitive enterprise systems. Rather than stressing over tokens or passwords, for strong authentication in the workplace use fingerprints, face, or iris — no one ever leaves those at home.

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