Future-proofing your organisation with a secure remote workforce

Digital transformation has been on the agenda for some time now. But Covid-19 has dramatically accelerated the pace of change. Ready or not, organisations in all industries have found themselves thrust into a new, virtual environment. 

At the forefront is the switch over to remote working. Already, half of the UK’s workforce are working from home and this trend looks set to stick in a post-COVID world.

In order to future-proof their businesses, many organisations have had to embrace digital working, and fast. This has raised serious concerns around efficiency and security.

Together with many of the industry’s leading tech vendors, we aim to answer your top concerns around employee authentication in a virtual world, through COVID and beyond.


You can enable employees to work from home, without any solutions already in place

Embracing remote access doesn’t have to mean a complete replacement of your existing IT stack. There are a wealth of tech vendors who can help organisations get online by leveraging Cloud services, alongside existing infrastructure.

Tech Vendors can offer organisations and their employees an easy solution to operate remotely at scale. Vendors such as Citrix, Nutanix, IGEL, Google Cloud and Amazon  Web Services can allow organisations to work effectively and efficiently from anywhere, on any device. 


Multi-Factor Authentication: Remote working can be facilitated without relaxing security

Remote working has never been easier. But while it allows for increased flexibility for your organisation and staff, it also raises unique access and security considerations.

Although many have turned to VPNs to allow employees access to company operating systems, this can be an expensive solution, costing a fortune in tokens and resulting in relaxed security.

Our suggestion is to use biometrics to prove a digital ID (we have a few to choose from, depending on yours or employees’ preferences or tech. For example, our 4F Touchless ID can turn any smartphone with a camera into a highly-secure means of fingerprint authentication, without the need for any native biometric scanners). This also ensures that you meet regulations too.

Removing passwords means you can remove the cost of buying additional VPN tokens. However, if you have already purchased these, we can also support these tokens, using our platform only (that is, no biometrics in this instance) to remove password from the process.

You can read more about how implementing a passwordless strategy will boost your security here

Vendors such as Okta and BlackBerry can also deliver innovative security and privacy solutions remotely. Okta’s Identity Cloud simplifies access across all services for end-users and helps IT teams roll out critical remote work apps quickly and securely, while Blackberry leverages AI and machine learning to deliver innovative solutions in cybersecurity, safety, and data privacy solutions. 


Remote working for temporary employees is achievable and can be deployed quickly

We predict that temporary staff will be essential in the coming months (read our blog on the benefits of temporary employees in a post corona recovery). Using biometrics as a method of verifying identity ensures you can remotely onboard staff easily and control data access from a remote location with just a mobile device.

Similarly, Okta and IGEL can ensure temporary employees are easily on-boarded remotely through remote and secure access to the organisation’s operating system.


Establishing an efficient and secure remote workforce is possible with the right tools at your disposal. What’s more, it can be an easy and seamless process for both the organisation and its employees. Read our full FAQ document to find out more. 

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